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Mesotherapy has been performed for years, it  goes in and out of fashion, but it has never been mainstream.  You’re probably even wondering what that word means! The active ingredient in many mesotherapy formulas is deoxycholic acid—which is the same ingredient in Allergan’s new fat-dissolving injectable Kybella.

In April 2015, Kybella received US Food and Drug Administration approval for the treatment of submental fullness or the double chin.

Kybella is a synthesized version of a natural bile salt that aids in fat digestion. When Kybella is  injected into the fat under the skin, it targets and destroys the cell membrane and produces destruction of the fat cells. The released fat is absorbed by the body and cleared through the lymphatics.

At Tucson Cosmetics we have seen excellent results with Kybella in the double chin area.  I have noticed in my practice that I can get significant improvement in the jowl area as well just by performing the submental injections. Once the weight of the chin is diminished we notice the added benefit of a decent size lift in the jowls!  Patients love that added benefit. In our practice we create a customized injection pattern and don’t only rely solely on the standard pattern dots to ensure that we can get the best results!

With over a decade of experience in Mesotherapy techniques, I have found that the Kybella  formula certainly produces less swelling as compared to the older generation PPC that we used for mesotharapy.  Not only has our submental chin fat clients done extremely well with the fat loss and skin tightening effects observed with Kybella, we have also seen excellent results on Off-Label areas such as the belly, love handles, bra bulge, inner thighs and many other areas!  Patients love to hear that those off label areas are possible.  Kybella is going to be a wonderful alternative to procedures such as Cool  Sculpting  and Sculpsure