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Menopause affects every woman differently

Many (but not all) women complain of hot flashes or night sweats at some point during menopause. Other common symptoms include anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, mood changes, physical/mental exhaustion, and other body complaints, such as heart palpitations, urogenital symptoms, and joint/muscle discomfort.

Natural approaches may help relieve a variety of symptoms (for some women)

Due to concerns of potential health risks of prescription hormone therapies (HT), many women and their healthcare practitioners consider a variety of natural approaches. Though many of the following nutrients and botanicals are recommended to help relieve menopausal symptoms, and work well for many who use them, few have demonstrated consistent effectiveness in clinical trials or perform significantly better than placebo:

·  Vitamin E has been suggested to help relieve fatigue, dizziness, nervousness, palpitations, and mild hot flashes

·  Black cohosh has demonstrated varying effectiveness in reducing hot flashes and mood swings

·  Isoflavones from soy/red clover have demonstrated mild relief for hot flashes

·  Wild yam, evening primrose oil, dong quai, and other mixtures of Chinese botanicals have even less support for clinical efficacy in relieving menopausal symtoms

The following botanicals may sometimes be recommended during menopausal stages to help manage symptoms, although many have not been specifically studied in menopausal women:

·  Ginkgo biloba for mild difficulties in memory or concentration

·  Ginseng for fatigue, sleep disturbances, or depressed mood

·  St. John’s wort for depressed mood

·  Valerian for nervousness and sleep disturbances

·  Hops for anxiety or restlessness

Get reliably effective relief for multiple symptoms with a special extract of Siberian rhubarb

This extract (known as ERr 731®) has been prescribed in Europe since 1993. This non-estrogen approach offers relief for hot flashes/night sweats and 12 other common menopausal symptoms that has been demonstrated in multiple placebo-controlled and observational studies. ERr 731 is suitable for use in both peri- and postmenopause and has an excellent safety record. Unlike other natural approaches, it has been shown to be reliably effective. And studies demonstrate that women with more frequent/severe symptoms report the highest degree of relief.

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