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Chemical Peels

What do they do?

The surface of the human skin is made up of over 30- 40 layers of dead cells. The top layer of dead cells will gradually exfoliate (peel off) and be replaced. This process occurs naturally, but slows down with age and sun damage. This leads to a stacking up of the dead layers, which makes the skin look dull, and leads to blocked pores, and sometimes breakouts.

A chemical peel can help to speed up the exfoliation process. They improve fine lines and wrinkles, smooth superficial scars, and give a refreshing glow to the skin. Repeat treatments will gradually result in softer and healthier skin. Some peels will also result in a reduction in brown and red spots. The cost of the peel varies depending on the intensity and the condition that you wish to be treated.

There are many different types of chemical peels available and different people are more suitable for different peels. Typically, it is important to have a peel every 2-3 weeks for six treatments.

What to do before treatment:

Clients are asked not to use retinoic acid and other vitamin A products for one week before a peel. Depending on the peel, some clients will be put on a pre-treatment routine for the week before the peel. This is done to test for possible allergies to components in the peel itself.

On the day of the peel, come to the spa without make up on. The skin will be gently cleansed by either Cetaphil soap, or a special cleaning solution that comes with certain peels. The peel is then applied to the skin. After a prescribed period of time, the peel will be neutralized, and your face will be cleaned with cool water. You will then be given after care instructions that are specific to your peel.

Most people will notice red flaking of the skin two to three days after the peel. With some peels the peeling may persist for longer. Based on your reaction, we tailor the strength of peel to use on your next treatment. Most people require six treatments of peels to get the full effect, and then will need maintenance peels every couple of months.

How else can I get younger, healthier looking skin?

Tucson Cosmetics is proud to offer a wide variety of additional treatments for skin problems. We currently offer numerous light based (laser, IPL, Titan), mechanical (dermabrasion) and chemical solutions to reduce the effects of aging and give you healthier skin. We may recommend a combination of many of these treatments for optimal effects.

Schedule a consultation at Tucson Cosmetics, to discuss any of these procedures in further detail.

After peel Add ONs :

Once we are done with the peel ask about our peel add ONs. The Vitamin C Power Peel which is Anti-Free Radicals mage from pure orange extract. The Vitamin C penetrates deeper after a peel with an intensive moisturizing antioxidant punch formulated for dry, tired or aging skin.

Or the Cucumber Queen for oily skin. This post peel treatment will help purify and minimize pores. This is made with a combination of camphor and witch hazel extract.

No interest Financing available through Cosmetic Fee Plan.

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