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PRP Natural Plasma Face Lift


Naturally Use Your Own Blood for a Facelift, Breast Lift, treat Acne Scars, Hair Rejuvenation and more with PRP!

Platelet Rich Plasma is a concentration of platelets which circulate through the blood. Produced from an individual’s own blood, this Liquid Gold (as per Dr Rubbani) is essential for cell healing.

With the extraction of platelets you also extract 8 biologically active growth factors, such as: PDGF, TGF, EGF, CSF, KGF & VEGF.


  • During a short office visit a small amount of a patient’s own blood is drawn
  • The tube is placed into a centrifuge and spun to isolate the platelet- rich plasma.
  • The PRP is ready for injection!
Dr Rubbani has over a Decade of experience with PRP, why go with less experience?

Many patients are no longer opting for a facelift or necklift. Dr Rubbani finds that most people prefer a less invasive means to look younger and feel better. We can offer a revolutionary new anti-wrinkle treatment using your own blood.

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy, For a Natural Non-Surgical Lift.

You may have heard it commonly referred to as “Blood Therapy” which entails the combination of dermal fillers with PRP.

PRP involves the use of blood plasma, enriched through a special process to increase the concentration of platelets. These platelets contain bioactive proteins and growth factors that serve to accelerate tissue repair and regeneration, and activate stem cells. This non-surgical, age-defying wrinkle treatment injects PRP, derived from your own blood, to stimulate collagen production and cell migration, resulting in fresh, healthy, younger looking skin.

Dr Sofia Rubbani and Tucson Cosmetics have been offering PRP Therapy since it received FDA clearance, and the many patients who have chosen PRP Therapy are still enjoying their amazing, natural results months later. The best way to find out if this treatment is right for you is to speak to Dr. Rubbani in person. Please call (520)638-5553 today to schedule your consultation at our Tucson or New York office.


  • PRP Therapy uses your own natural resources so there is no risk of allergic reaction
  • Collagen production is stimulated over 2-3 weeks to naturally reduce or eliminate lines, folds & wrinkles
  • PRP Therapy is ideal for those whom dislike synthetic products
  • There is little or no swelling, bruising or lumping
  • PRP Therapy can be used to treat any body area without side effects
  • Both men & women benefit & experience a more youthful look
  • The results can last up to two years

Dr Rubbani “personalizes each and every facial rejuvenation and body sculpting treatment, and each one can be done alone or in tandem with other non-surgical, age-defying procedures. Dr. Rubbani is expertly trained and experienced in all injectable techniques and she recommends them on an individual basis as part of a holistic approach to ageless health and beauty.

Our clients travel from all over for treatments, because they trust Dr. Rubbani. Her personalized plans produce beautiful, non-invasive results…naturally.  Dr. Rubbani will not use overly unnecessary, aggressive, traumatic methods to achieve your health and beauty.

How many treatments are needed?

The number of treatments needed depends on each individual patient, the desired outcome, and your treatment plan. As a stand-alone therapy, many physicians recommend a series of one to three injection sessions spaced from four to six weeks apart for optimal results. Dr Rubbani will determine the best plan for you during a consultation.

Are there any side effects?

There have been no known side effects reported to date. Some patients may experience some mild irritation, swelling, bruising, itching, discoloration or tenderness at the injection sites. These are temporary conditions and typically resolve within two days.

How long does it last?

The longevity of the results of treatments vary based on the extent of the procedure, areas treated, and number of sessions.

Can anyone be allergic to PRP?

There is virtually no risk of allergic reaction and no allergic reactions have been reported to date. The PRP System is used to rapidly collect and isolate a patient’s own PRP for injection and contains no animal or synthetic products. This is using your body’s natural healing stem cells and growth factors to improve the appearance of ageing.

What does PRP cost?

We do offer a Groupon PRP and a more exclusive PRP that has 10 x more cell counts and potency. Please schedule a consult prior to purchasing any treatment so that Dr Rubbani can help you decide which PRP treatment is best for you!

interested in this procedure?

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Individual Results may vary and no guarantees can be made.