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1. What is the difference between a Board Certified Medical Doctor versus any Medical Professional performing your treatment?
There is a difference between a “Medical Provider” who “can” or is “allowed” to provide Medical Aesthetic Services versus a Cosmetic Surgeon, like Dr Rubbani, who has true expertise in the musculature of the face and sincere passion to her art that can be created with the exact precise touch.

2. Do you have Before and After photos?

We have tons! We post a few on our website and instagram. Please take a look there. Also, we can show you a bunch in office.

3. Do I have to get treated the same day as my consult?
Only if you want to! We believe in educating the patient. Providing our clients with the most information so that they can make an informed decision regarding their treatments. This may mean you need to go home and think about it, and we are more than happy to oblige.

4. Is it okay that I am anxious and nervous about considering aesthetic work?
We understand that clients that are new to aesthetics can be very nervous. We understand it is difficult to know who to trust. We welcome all your questions and we always understand how nervous you are. Patients ask us “I bet I’m the worst case of nerves you’ve see”. Our answer ” We are experts in Nerves”. We do offer relaxation techniques, like Guided Breathing, Nitrous gas (you can drive home yourself after Nitrous), and Stronger medication like Valium(You will need a ride home).

5. Why cant I get cheap Botox and filler as offered in place X Y or Z?

We understand that aesthetics is a luxury. We also feel that quality is equivalent to pricing. We always inform the customer as to which product we use and are very clear in its sourcing. Recently there have been tons of imports from across the border. The FDA has reported a few “establishments” in the Tucson that were providing illegitimate brand products. Dr Rubbani has seen first hand the ill effects of injections of these products by nefarious individuals. We will always share with you your lot numbers from all the products that we use.
Dr Rubbani treats your face like it is hers. In fact, she usually says “that’s my face now! So i need to know everything that happens to it.

6. Do you offer specials?

Occasionally if a vendor is offering a special we pass that on to the client. The way you can stay in the know is to sign up for our “Talk With Me App” which is under the Contacts Page.